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that many others are struggling also . . . we are not alone!

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I am currently taking Adderall and I feel like I am flying. I hate it. I am 40 years old and I forget. I have no appetite with this stuff. I can concentrate and do a great deal more, but I hate the side effects. It is like I totally crash after it wears off. I am 5 foot 8 and a 120 pounds. I am starting to lose weight which I do not need to do. There must be an alternative to this inability to concentrate. I tried antidepressant only to end up so suicidal that I had to stop immediately, and I scored so high on the add test the doctors finally put me on this med.

RS - December 12, 2002

Please send this so it will arrive by Friday. This is urgent, my husband is on adderall and it is really not good. I need these quick!

CC - January 12, 2003

I have a 13 year old son who has always been "on the go"
and always been very defiant. Everything I read here sounds like bits & pieces of Alex. He's extremely intelligent and test sometimes 2 to 3 grades above his current grade. He has a violent temper. He thinks he's "the BOSS" when it comes to his siblings, the dogs, and even his s-father and myself. He always has poor grades and this last semester he failed 4 classes. I cannot trust him at home alone because he gets into everything, takes things apart plays with matches or lighter if he can find them (none in my house - but sometimes he brings them home from school). He has severe mood swings--I sometimes think he is Bipolar or Manic-Depressant even though they continue to tell me that its just ADHD. He is on Clonodine, Imiprimine and Zoloft just to keep him from getting his neck wrung at home and out of trouble at school. He is obnoxious & rude and is constantly making noises either with his mouth or by beating on something. He has only one friend that I know of and I'm not sure of that one friend. He gets beat up at school and is always being bullied. He goes through periods of depression "nobody likes me", "you hate me", etc. and I think I am going crazy just trying to deal with him. He's had pshycotic episodes when we tried ritalin and cylert. He seen thing and heard things that weren't there so we can't use those drugs, we tried herbal remedies and we even used the Feingold diet for over a year. The Feingold gave a few clues about some food allergies that made his conduct worse but no major improvement. I am going to order NeuBecalm'd and see if it is the "GOD SEND" that your website's testimonials say it is. I've read everything published I think on ADHD.

MW - March 6, 2003

I am taking a leap of faith in trying NeuBecalm'd. You see, I am adopting a young boy that I have had in my care since he was five years old. He is now almost 10. He is bipolar and is what is know as a ultra-rapid cycler. He is also diagnosed PTSD, ADHD, OCD, and the list goes on. My home has been set on fire twice and my life threatened countless times. A car destroyed. My son has been in and out of mental institutions without any change in his life. He becomes very violent over the smallest incident at times and other times nothing can upset him.has a psychiatrist, psychologist and a therapist working with him. He sees one of them daily. psychologist have told me to seek help elsewhere because this situation was beyond their capabilities. Well, this "situation" is my son. Once I was told that it is very possible that my son has no conscience. I refuse to believe such. We have tried every drug out there and one doctor even said it would be best to keep him at a sedative state in order to keep everyone around him safe and to keep him safe from himself. I began doing research and being a layman in the field, would find more questions than answers. I began digging into amino acids, but could not find a way to get the proper mixture without giving my son a 100 pills a day. Thus, thinking my research was futile. Then I accidentally found your website. At this point, there aren't many options left to me. I just received my order today. My hope is that it will make some difference. My dream it that it will allow my son and I to have a life. What really stinks is that my son is exceptionally bright nd no one can see this but me and the doctors who administer the IQ tests and even they say he is much brighter than the scores show due to his mental condition. Just imagine what is locked up in that whirlwind of a mind!  Please continue to send information. Every ounce of reassurance helps.

RH - March 13, 2003

I have a 13 year old son who has been on many of the current ADHD "Quick fix" drugs at one time or another. He is now on Adderall, where he has been barely surviving school and his life. (He has no social life because he can't keep friends very long because of his impulsitivity) He is a wonderful kid and I want him to have the chance to experience a normal life. One of the things I didn't see mentioned was the fact that ALL those drugs have side effects that include DEPRESSION... sometimes SEVERE. Unfortunately we didn't know this when we allowed the doctor to do all the switching of meds. My son suffered from severe depression for almost a year before we were finally able to force the doctor to diagnose him with depression. But, once that was done, what did they do??? They put him on an anti-depressant!! Now he is taking serzone after a bad run with Prozac and Elavil. So he takes the Adderall to combat the ADHD and then he takes the antidepressant to combat the Adderall. Seems to me like something is VERY WRONG here!!  I hate what these drugs have done to him. He struggles in school every day he is there and hates it so much. The teachers call me daily to share his "deficiencies" with me. (As if I am not aware of his struggles.)  We monitor his diet very closely and recently have wiened him off the Adderall and Serzone because my husband lost his job and we lost our insurance coverage. At 250.00 a month for prescriptions, without insurance we had to do something.  It was then that we decided to seek alternative answers. After reading the Matthew Smith story, I became scared to death for him. He has been on these drugs since he was 5. I MUST find an alternative.. insurance or not!!!!! While he is surviving at home now... once school starts, it will be a whole other story. I have done some research and am very interested in NeuBecalm'd. The testamonials made me almost cry. I see my family in almost every one of those stories. I am eager to order your product.  Thank you for all the wonderful links to the ADHD pages and I will continue to pass your site along to other parents I know. God bless you for all you do!

TF - August 24, 2001

I am writing this before I go to the phone to order. My daughter is six years old and she hasn't been diagnosed with ADHD but she definitely has behavior disorders Her actual diagnosis is ODD. She also has been being treated for anxiety and depression for over a year now. My beautiful daughter's troubles didn't start until she was three and my mother died and we lived in the home with my parents. My mother died in the home so my daughter saw me doing CPR and such and from that point on her behaviors escalated. Prior to that she was a stubborn but controllable child. I am at the point now of confusion as there is no reward or consequence that matters to her. She knows the consequences and can recite the proper behaviors to you, but seems incapable of performing them on a regular basis. Some days she can and others nothing will convince her to behave. I spent this last year being unable to work as I had to go so often  to school to pick her up I could not hold a job. I am desperate for something that will make a change before this new school year starts.

BGB - July 9, 2001

My youngest son is now 4 and has been difficult to deal with since the day he was born. Even as an infant he refused to sleep. He would scream until we went in to get him out of bed. He has always had a horrible temper. But it continues to get worse. About 3 months ago he was diagnosed with ADHD. I haven't put him on any kind of medication yet because I have always been against medicating children for this. Every time you turn around someone is telling you to put your kids on medication for being overactive. I have fought this thing for a long time. People used to tell me that my oldest son needed to be on ritalin. But I knew that he didn't. But my youngest son (Daniel) is a different story. Daniel is a special child. He has a certain spark that a lot of kids don't have. He is very smart. I love him very much but I feel like a prisoner. I am a very sociable person but for about the last 2-1/2 years I haven't been able to go anywhere because he is so hyper that people look at us like we have the most horrible child in the world. When we go to friends or family members houses that we don't see very often we have to live almost as soon as we get there because he runs around like a maniac and has even broken stuff. He is also very loud. He will scream at the top of his lungs
all of the sudden for no reason or for just the fun of it. He has done that since he was baby. He is horrible to our dog. He will walk up to him and kick him or punch him for no reason. I know that he loves the dog but he is just so mean to him sometimes. He has even started doing that to me. When I discipline him he gets so furious that his whole body shakes, his face turns red, he screams at the top of him lungs and his veins pop out of the side of his neck. There is no happy medium with him. He is either so cute and adorable that you just want to squeeze him or he is so mean that you want to squeeze him. I have tried to fight this thing. I don't want to medicate him. But I am so .....mentally, emotionally, physically exhausted from dealing with him that I don't know what to do. I need some help. Thank you!

GK - July 7, 2001

Need your opinion.... Hi there,  I have a 5 yr old little boy who has had developmental delays since 18 months of age. He recently was diagnosed with a mild to moderate form of ADHD. He was assessed at a 2 and a half year old mentality. His understanding is very low of what ever you ask him. Even his speech is very limited so his frustration level is quite high. I know as his parent that he has to many things going on in his mind to slow down and try to learn things that are going on around him. I am at my wits end. I want to help him with out putting him on chemical drugs, but I don't know what is available and safe for him. His father was ADD and a ridalin child for many years so we both agree that that is not the way we want to go. We have had to hold him back a year because he still can not understand what is expected of him in Kindergarten but this year we have no choice but to put him in school, and we still feel he is not ready.

FP - June 20, 2001

hi my name is tammy and i was diagnosed with delexia and add i am on ritalan and i am a 25 yr old female with 3 kids i have always had it and am just trying to learn more about things  i have always been a very unhappy person and i take to critisim to easy i am always fling off the handle and i ahve no control of my temper that is about all i can say for now i am getting very tired so iam goping to bed

TJ - June 17, 2001

I have twin boys 9yrs old, who have recently been diagnosed with adhd. We have tried 3 different medicines and none have helped, but some have made them worse and the others have made them emotional wrecks. I have stopped all medicines right now.  I would like some info about NeuBecalm'd

JF - June 15, 2001    

Please register us for your drawing of a free bottle of NeuBecalm'd. We are placing an order with great anticipation. We have two adopted children that are experiencing behavior problems. Dusty our 6 year old had a very trying time in Kindergarten with behavior problems. We asked for guidance from the school and they suggested analysis and Ritalin. We tried a new school with a structured behavior plan and it has helped some, but we are hoping that NeuBecalm'd will aid in his behavior problem. The behavior problems described in your testimonials and the attention problems seem as if you are talking about our son. Our daughter is beginning to have some of the same problems with authority and with behavior at age 5. We are going to try both of them on NeuBecalm'd

A & B  - June 14, 2001

I am a mother of an 8 yr. old with ADHD.  He has been on RITALIN for 2 yrs. I am desperate to find an alternative to RITALIN. My biggest concern is that my son's biological father is a drug addict. I have to be realistic and be aware that my son may he proned to the same behavior as my x-husband and I feel RITALIN may have a negative impact on my little boy, who's had a rough start in his most important years, his childhood years.
I am very interested in any information that may help my son GET OFF RITALIN

BB - June 14, 2001

Please send us any and all information on ADD/ ADHD.
We have an 11 year old son that has this problem. We are trying to do what we can for him. Last year we enrolled him in Life Charter School in Dallas Texas. There behavoral discipline system consisted of tally's for unruelly behavior. After 3 Tally's you recieved a detention. After 7 detentions you were expelled. My son had six within the first six weeks of school. Not for pulling hair or for fighting, but for TALKING!!!  They finally ask about tranferring him to another school we did and he totally shut down He wouldn't do his home work, class work, participate in anything. He couldn't get his books, pencils and papers all there at one time. I met with the teachers and they said that he was definately ADHD. They wanted me to put him on Ritalin or something, and basically we decided to home school. He did great, he loves the one on one attention. The only real problem he has is in Math. For some reason it doesn't click with him. In the third grade the school told me that he should be put in the Oasis class which was for talented and gifted. He was in that for 3 years.I know that he is a very smart and talented child. Although his self esteem is low. He has a sister and she does not have this same problem. She has just completed the 8th grade and maintained the A/B honor roll.  He feels that she is perfect and is getting all the recognition for getting good grades, staying in school ect. She recieved her report card in the mail today and decided she would make him one. I graded him the way I thought he deserved and he was so happy that he got some recognition that he cried and gave his sister the biggest hug ever. We are going to keep searching for the answer to this problem We are determined and we are on a mission. Anything you can send about this, we will be greatfull for. Thank you so much for your time and effort in this matter!!!

AH  -  June 11, 2001

My daughter has been on 17 different meds in the past 4 years. I'm so desprite to find a happy medium in our house hold. I just started her on NeuBecalm'd about 2 weeks ago. She has went to bed and to sleep with no problems every night. This is a blessing. Thank you for your product... I hope that I will soon be able to take NeuBecalm'd, instead of my antidepressant.

Kelli Willgus - February 03, 2002

My son and three nephews have adhd. I have been treating my son with natural vitamins, diet, and structured home environment. My nephews are being treated with Ritalin. I try not to judge, but I strongly dissagree with the practice of druging a child for personal gain. Perhaps you could provide me with some non-judgmental referances to share with my family.

TC  -  June 8, 2001

Hi, My name is Rebecca.  I am 18 years old and have suffered from ADHD ever since I was in elementary school. Well, my parents think I do not need Adderall anymore, but I have to have it.  Especially since, I'm taking a college classes this summer and I have to stay focused. I found your web-site and wondered what I should do. Thank you for your time.

RD - June 7, 2001


CA - June 6, 2001

My fifteen year old son has been having alot of problems for several years and we have tried all kinds of medications with no success. He is a good boy but he is terrible to wake up in the morning and gets in trouble in school for not being able to sit still and doing little annoying things. I quit my full time job because of all his trouble at school and the constant phone calls and meetings. He will be going into tenth grade next year but I can't see him making it to graduation without some help. If this will help him and are family that would be wonderful

AR  —  June 3, 2001

I'm a very concerned grandmother. My 13 year old grandson is doing so poorly in school that this will most likely be the second year that he has not passed. He isn't overly active but very inquisitive about things in general (always into things.) He says the teachers at school really don't help him the way I and his aunt try to explain his school work to him, and we live 50 miles apart. Both of his parents work long hours so they have little time to be of help. Therefore, he constantly forgets to bring his work home; it's always in his locker. His doctor has him on 10grms., plus 5 more added 2 weeks ago, of Adderall. The whole situation is breaking my heart. I personally use natural methods over chemical to treat my own health problems. I'm not even sure if his mom would give him your product since she's employed in the medical field, but I would like to try.

SO - May 30, 2001

—Follow-Up Email Received June 16, 2001—

Gave all information from your site to my grandsons mom
and she decided to have me place an order. Congratulations to me; didn't really think she would go for it since she is employed in the medical field. Thank You

My 15 year old son has always appeared to be ADHD,
but because he is very bright was able to cope quited well until middle school, when math threw him for a loop. He is completely unmotivated and will not do school work. I think it is too difficult for him to organize and he has given up. Stimulants cause terrible anger and work only marginally well for him. Anti-depressants make him manic. I am afraid he will never get out of high school,
since we cannot medicate and he can't function on his own. He is a naturally sweet natured child, very happy and upbeat in his younger years. Perhaps NeuBecalm'd will work. There is too much talent there to be thrown away.

JS - May 21, 2001

At about age 5 we took our daughter to a doctor because she had never slept through the night. She screamed and kicked all night long. She would sit right up and hold a conversation and never remember anything the next morning. There were times when I had to hold her down until she calmed down because she would hurt me or herself - but she was unaware that she was doing this. The doctor told us that she was not ADHD, he said she had an over-active imagination, her mind did not shut off when she went to sleep and that she is gifted and talented.  This behavior continued until she was 7 years old. Finally, I got to sleep through the night because it suddenly stopped - what a relief that was. But, she is now approaching 11 (next month) and she is very hyper, she never shuts up, she throws fits over little things. She is very inattentive, her teacher has made comments regarding that as well. She ignores people - I know that it's normal for kids to hear what they want to hear - but she is just out of control lately. She still has the occasional nightmare, but it's nowhere near as bad as it used to be. I don't know if she is ADHD - I have not had her tested since the first time (and it wasn't much of a test - the doctor just watched her behavior). I do not want to put my daughter on drugs. I do not want to harm her physically, emotionally or psychologically. I do not want to impede her learning, I just want to calm her down. I don't know how much more of this I can take. I have considered getting myself a rubber room because she is driving me insane! She has a fit and a half hour later she is as calm as can be and acts like nothing ever happened. In the meantime, I'm already angry and frustrated and she's over it! So this is what has lead me to search for information about ADHD. If I can't get help for her, I'll soon need some for myself!

ML - May 20, 2001

Our grandson who is 8 yrs. old has been diagnosed with ADHD since he was 4 yrs. old.  He has been on all the medications. Is presently taking Adderall. They seem to help for a while. He still does poorly in school. He was suspended from school last fall for 6 weeks due to his behavior. He is now seeing a counselor who comes to the house 2 to 3 days each week. We have also tried different vitamin supplements that are suspose to help with no success. We have custody of this child and are in desperate need for something to help him.

TB - April 27, 2001

Our son is 12 and taking 45mg. Methylphenidate, has increased it, lowered it, and even tried Adderal which didn't work at all. I have even had him take behavioral modification with a counselor for 5 months which helped for awhile. Everything we try only works for awhile. He's a very good looking, sensitive young man, but I as a parent feel so beat down by this. I've researched anything and everything I can find on ADHD to try to help him, so he doesn't end up like his father who has been in and out of prison 5 times now and is serving time now.  He's in the 5th grade this year and it hasn't been good. He's been caught cheating twice, hurt another child at school, and stolen from a major store and got caught. I take all his privileges away, and give extra work, but this doesn't really work. We work a ADHD program at home, and we are very involved in our church and do Bible study every night at home as well. I've spent tons on books, programs, counselors, and Doctors

JB - April 27, 2001

My name is Lawrence Smith and I'm here to let you know that our 14 year old son Matthew died on 3/21/00 . The cause is said to be from the long term use of the drug Ritalin.  There are also other drugs that are given to children for ADD and ADHD with different names that have the same chemical methylphenidate witch is what destroyed my son's heart. Matt took the medication for eight years. It all school in Berkley MI the school social worker kept calling us in for meetings she kept telling us Matt needed some medication for his ADHD. We did not want our son on medication, but they made us feel as though we were bad parents. We were told that we were neglecting his educational needs. So we did give in and now look our wonderful young man  Matt is in the ground because of it. I can not go back and change things for us but I hope to GOD our story will reach the harts of many young family's like we were at the time. And save people from all the suffering and heart break this type of drug has caused our family and save the life's of many other children. (THIS MUST HAVE BEEN MATTHEW'S PURPOSE, TO SAVE THE LIVES OF THOUSANDS OF OTHER KIDS!)

 LS - April 8, 2001

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